I took some time today and copied and or transcribed all the [U-D-R] lyrics I could find.  So if there’s any question of what I was babbling about, let it be clear now.

With a few exceptions:

The 2nd verse on Nightmare.  As I recall, we basically rerecorded the first verse, but in French.  However, my best guesses with Google Translate aren’t even close, so I’m really not sure.  Except for “sans visage” meaning approximately faceless, I remembered that part.

Digital Fear and Pain Mode Engaged are two songs that I sorta ad libbed the vocals on.  So they’re a little too punk rock to interpret accurately even from the original audio files of the vocal takes.  What’s presented here is my best guess.

Pain mode engaged, wha wolb waugh!
It’s like my own little Klaatu Barada Nik- *cough* *mumble-mumble*

I almost feel like I should break up the Discography by album and throw some history in there for ya.  Maybe I will 😉

Garage bands and Gorgons,