– End of Entropy (1998) –

• Verse
In the night you are alone, I will give you everything
There are nightmares in your head, you will find me in your bed
I need your love and control, I need your, comforting arms
I find you in the night, take me out in to the light
• Chorus
Es ist kein licht – There is no light
Ich brauch’ dein lieben – I need your love

End of Entropy
• Chorus
Without me, there is no end to entropy
There is no end, there is no end to entropy
• Bridge
Nothing but the purity of the soul will ever be tolerated
Now give, give yourself to me
For I, I am the end of entropy

God’s Will
• Chorus
Take your life, take away, I’ll…

Burn your lover down
• Verse
I hate all the lies now, I hate all of you  now
I hate all the lies here, I hate all of you now
Burn your lover down, burn your lover down
I kill all before me who don’t bau [sic], on their knees

Justify Me
• Verse 1
Taking in the acrid lies, heard in society
I’ve got to justify, my mediocrity
I’ve heard it once to often, I’ve got no ‘esteem
Now, I’ve got to justify me!
• Verse 2
I’ve got to find myself in this commotion
Take my heart from off the shelf and drown in emotion

Mephisto <endance>
• Verse 1
Take a chance to feel me, take a change to know me
Take a change to love me, I will tell you lies
I don’t want to hurt you, I don’t want to blame you
I don’t want to kill you, I just want your lies
• Verse 2
Feel my pain in your heart breaking
• Verse 3
You should have listened to your mommy
She would have kept you away from me
I thought you knew better than to talk to strangers
Now I have my hooks in you

Digital Fear
• Verse 1
Digital signals from underground
Search for answers within your mind
Turn around you’re fighting yourself
Feel the electrons flowing through you now
• Verse 2
Digital signals from underground
It’s filling your head with all the real truth
You will know that I am here
Feel my wrath and get in gear yeah
• Chorus
Digital signal – digital fear
• Verse 3
Mighty armies will crumble and fall
Propaganda is my weapon
Powerful fists do not count
Here in cyberspace I am God now
• Bridge
This is my revolution, you can’t stop me, I hold…
Information is the key, we all know the secrets they don’t
Eons of war, I couldn’t care, money and power means nothing to me
I will crush everyone, this is my war, fingertips on speed

• Verse 1
Funeral pyre, burns it all away
It burns my eyes but I have to look
There is nothing I have left
Funeral pyre burns it all away
• Chorus
Funeral pyre burning higher into the sky, it takes away
Funeral pyre burning higher into the night, I have nothing
• Bridge
Open wounds upon by back and in my heart
Oh God help me I have lost her, what is life going to be for me now?
Open wounds upon my arms and in my soul
Oh God help me I have lost her, what is life going to be for me now?
Burn baby burn, into the sky
I don’t care now, take it away
Burn baby burn, into the night
I don’t feel now, I am numb
• Outro
I have nothing – but love

• Verse 1
Feeling my desire, feeling all that’s true
Knowing my empire, knowing that I’ll lose
• Chorus
I am alone, so alone
So so alone, so very alone
• Verse 2
Breaking down my power, I have nothing more
Topple down this tower, for it has no door