ULS Cantonment 3 (300sq)

Cantonment (Limited Edition) is a special remastered version of the Cantonment album originally released June of 2011. It also includes songs from the Cantonized addendum and the 2012 Sampler EP.

Equipment used:

Logic Pro 9, Pro Tools 10

  • War-Bringer
  • Tainted (Tortured Mix)
  • State of Oppression
  • Cease Fire (Short)
  • Song for the Dead (Redeployment Mix)
  • Clear and Present Danger (Short)
  • Last Chance (Anti-Nation Mix)
  • Enemy
  • Cleanse the Sun (Club Mix)
  • Licht (Dust and Tears Mix)
  • The rest will be written by us
  • Backlash

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