Core was a followup EP to the first album Biofilter.  It contains several remixes from Biofilter as well as a few new songs that were previously unfinished.  Many of the remixes were experiments in breaking down the layers of the original versions of the songs, with the exception of The Hideous <v23> being an earlier mix of the Biofilter version.

Equipment used:

Alesis QS6

Zoom 505 multi effects processor

Aphex 104 (mastering)

  • Forced Excel
  • The Hideous <v23>
  • Pain Mode Engaged
  • Mephisto <zwei>
  • Further Down
  • American <overdrive>
  • Order of the Perpetual Railgun <extended>
  • Gothenumerics
  • Fortified Nation <short>
  • The Hideous <GDImix>
  • Untitled Orange

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