– No Cover Art –

This is included because a number of songs were performed live that were never fully completed in the studio.  In addition, while Anthony was working on encode with Matt and Stephen, he did a number of songs on the side for what remained of [U-D-R].  This included some newer versions of songs from previous albums.

Later, during Anthony’s time in Germany with the army, he wrote some new songs and began working on the Prometheus album.

Equipment used:

Alesis QS6

Logic soft-synths (ES2, ESX24, etc.)

Samson S11 mic

Audix OM5 mic

Zoom 1204

Alesis QuadraVerb2

DBX DDP (mastering)

  • Desire
  • Endanflug
  • Nightmare (’99)
  • RM’s Soundtrack
  • Zwei Hausen (live only track, Vocals by Andre Ideus “Q”)
  • Cease Fire <2.0> (aka the live version)