CantonmentNormalLandscapeAnthony Finfrock is the founder of [U-D-R]. Originally formed in late 1995 as a remix project, he branched out into writing his own music. Largely influenced by european industrial artists such as Leæther Strip, X-Marks the Pedwalk and Psychopomps. His style is based in the industrial, ebm and synthpop genres.

[U-D-R] self released two albums and two EPs in the late 90’s. A third incomplete album was created in 1999-2000. Some of which has been released, along with other older songs here on the website.

The band was on hiatus in 2001, while Anthony was working with fellow Tucson area DJ’s and musicians, on a side project called “encode.”  In 2003, Anthony joined the US Army.  During training and his first deployment to Iraq, the band was put on the back-burner yet again. He started making headway on a new album in 2005, but stopped the project for personal reasons.

The ‘Cantonment’ album, is a collection of material created during his time in the US Army. This includes songs written in 2004-2006.  As well as reworked material from the unreleased third album and encode. ‘Cantonment’ was released for digital distribution in June, 2011.  Cantonment (Limited Edition) was released in July of 2013, with remastered songs and additional content.

In 2014 Anthony moved back to Tucson, AZ.  [U-D-R] is back in the studio working on the next full length album. Anthony continues to work on remixes for popular artists and musical peers. Non-album content will be released prior to the next album either on commercial compilations, commercial digital releases or free downloads from the official [U-D-R] website.