– Cantonized –

• Verse
In the night you are alone, I will give you everything
There are nightmares in your head, you will find me in your bed
I need your love and control, I need your, comforting arms
I find you in the night, take me out in to the light

• Chorus
Es ist kein licht – There is no light
Ich brauch’ dein lieben – I need your love

The rest will be written by us
• Verse 1
I carry your burden on my shoulders
Wearing your colors of deceit and misery
I know I’m not alone

• Chorus
Everywhere I go it’s always the same
Freedom isn’t something you can just give away
You send me here to save them from themselves
But I feel like the tyrant here

•German Chorus
Es baut innerhalb mir
(It builds within me)
Wie ein Hurrikan noch auf Meer
(Like a hurricane still at sea)
Die Wahrheit ist etwas
(The truth is something)
Wir selten moechte sehen
(We rarely want to see)
Verloren und geschlagen, verfangen und bluten
(Lost and beaten, trapped and bleeding)
Alle wir weisen ist das zeit ist flüchtig
(All we have is the time that is fleeting)
Verletzt so schmerzlich, noch nur atmend
(Injured so painfully, still merely breathing)
Alle wir kennen das preis der freiheit
(We all know the price of freedom)

• Verse 1 (reprise – German)
I know I’m not alone – Wir danken ihnen (we thank them)

Cleanse the Sun
• Verse 1
One more change for victory is lost within the storm – I have no memory – where do we begin.

• Verse 2
No more light surrounds this place – I feel no fear – ever so slowly my mind begins to clear.

• Chorus
No, time for my awareness – hidden by the storm – I call out your name.
Though, you don’t hear my cries – drowned out by the wind – this was my final chance.

• Verse 3
Some things are better left unsaid – The memories are fighting back again.

• Verse 4
Sometimes I feel alive – Stripped free of all my doubts and I will pray the rain will cleanse the sun.

• Intro
System initialized, [U-D-R] mainframe online, leaf m9a6x active response engaged.

• Extended intro (everything mix / album version)
Sometimes you get, what you want. Sometimes they even ask, what you want. Then you realize how insignificant you are. When you understand, you mean nothing. Soon you’ll come to realize as I have. The entire human fucking race, is nothing, but a virus!

• Verse 1
I don’t want your sympathy, please don’t ease my pain.
I just want the only thing that I could never gain.

Turn off all the lights now, hide yourself from me.
You can’t show me anything that I don’t want to see.

• Chorus
You can take the anger that is growing in my darkened eyes.
You will find your answers deep within this hallowed mind.
Everything I give you is completely tainted an impure.
I am not the only one that would give my life for you.

• Bridge
Emotions turn to hate, confusion takes it’s place, the future can’t be set, though we cease and we submit.

You understand that you mean nothing…

• Verse 2
I don’t want the truth from you, please just tell me lies.
I can’t take your honesty before I close my eyes.
Wasted youth, stolen dreams, everything’s so clear.
I wont believe anything that I could ever hear.

Last Chance
• Verse 1
Time is wasted, life is wasted.  This human sacrifice, it’s all out war.

• Verse 2
Blood is spilled on holy ground.
When will they ever learn.  If they choose to fight this war.
You will be the only one standing.
Drink your fill of blood and wine.
I know they will never learn.
When this war is left behind, I am left the only one standing.

• Chorus
This was your last chance.
One more chance to live.
This was your last chance.
One more chance to give.
All out war!

• Chorus 2
This was our last chance.
Now I’m forced to fight, forced to die.
This was our last chance.
Now I have to choose what’s wrong and what’s right.
This was our last chance.
My hands are covered in the blood of the young.
This was our last chance.
Too far gone to be undone.

This was the last chance.