– Version 4 (2000) –

The Rain
• Verse 1
Found a place – so beautiful – where we can be – like adam and eve in the garden of eden.
So innocent – so in love – a summer spent like adam and eve in the garden of eden.

• Chorus
And the rains came – falling down from heaven to hell
And the sun shown – down like your god above
And we danced – forever in the arms of love
And we ran – so far away from the eye of the storm

• Bridge
Stealing fire from the sky – quench the flames that burn your soul – you betrayed our mother earth and you cast your dreams away

• Verse 2
We scaled the cliffs – armed the guns of navarone – farewell to peace – forget your time in the garden of eden.
So in love – with these morals of war – we lost the key to the garden of eden.

• Verse 3
Spoiled the earth – pollution the seas – uprooted the trees that once were in the garden of eden.
Goodbye my earth – say farewell the to the garden of eden.

• intro
System initialized, [U-D-R] mainframe online, leaf m9a6x active response engaged.

• Extended intro (everything mix / album version)
Sometimes you get, what you want. Sometimes they even ask, what you want. Then you realize how insignificant you are. When you understand, you mean nothing. Soon you’ll come to realize as I have. The entire human fucking race, is nothing, but a virus!

• Verse 1
I don’t want your sympathy, please don’t ease my pain.
I just want the only thing that I could never gain.
Turn off all the lights now, hide yourself from me.
You can’t show me anything that I don’t want to see.

• Chorus
You can take the anger that is growing in my darkened eyes.
You will find your answers deep within this hallowed mind.
Everything I give you is completely tainted an impure.
I am not the only one that would give my life for you.

• Bridge
Emotions turn to hate, confusion takes it’s place, the future can’t be set, though we cease and we submit.
You understand that you mean nothing…

• Verse 2
I don’t want the truth from you, please just tell me lies.
I can’t take your honesty before I close my eyes.
Wasted youth, stolen dreams, everything’s so clear.
I wont believe anything that I could ever hear.

Looking Through My Eyes
• Verse 1
You said you liked me better with my clothes off – I guess that’s how we’re all the same.
Nothing left but flesh to cover – the differences we all hide.
I guess that’s how we’re all the same.

• Verse 2
Do I offend you – with the way I look.
Does it make you want to run and hide – hide your sons hide your daughters because apparently I’m coming to get you.
How would you feel looking through my eyes.

• Chorus
I’m not one of your men in black – your angsty little children – I’m not guilty by association.
I live my own life – I have my own dreams – who are you to judge me.

• Bridge
If I looked like the girl in the magazine – would you like me then – if I sold my soul to conformity.

•Verse 1
Why should I, ever trust in your spiteful rancid lies?
How can I, ever believe what I see in your eyes?
Truth never came so easily to those who hate themselves.
So run bitch run, get away, I never wanna see your face again.

You can’t hurt me – Denial!
You can’t touch me – Denial!
You can’t hate me – Denial!
You can’t break me – Denial!

•Verse 2
Who are you to do this to me, who do you think you are?
You need to understand, that life’s no game my dear.
You rend my flesh, you steal my soul, this can’t hurt me anymore.
Then you back away from me, I’ve nothing left to fear.

•Verse 3
You betrayed everything, now I am on my own.
I can’t take this abuse anymore, I wanna see you burn.

• Chorus
They’re coming to take me
You can run but you can not hide

•Verse 1
Faceless shadows behind every corner
Unwilling victims behind each door

• Verse 2
Approximate french version of verse (I don’t remember the translation we did)

• Verse 1
Time stands still for the young and innocent – in your eyes that’s all I ever was.
Now you’ve left me here standing alone – in the midst of your vanity – on the brink of insanity.

• Chorus
The river runs from my eyes as the blood runs from my veins – as the emptiness inside invades.

• Verse 2
You’re my knight in shining armor come to rescue me from the souls you know nothing of – lead me not in to temptation – lead me not to pits of fall – lead me back in to the safety of your, four grey walls.

• Verse 3
Come back to me – I’m nothing, without you – I see the pain within your eyes but I’ve grown tired of all these lies – so I left you, standing here alone – in the midst of your vanity – on the brink of insanity.

Cease Fire
• Verse 1
Touch my soul with your cold embrace, caress my flesh with your velvet and lace.  Dance in the darkness in your evening gown.  Watch as your life starts falling down.

• Prechorus
You have learned, it all, the hard way.
And you have learned, it’s safer just to stay away.

• Prechorus 2
Why must you, do everything I ask you to.
Why do you, feel like there is nothing true.
How can you, hate me for what I have done.
How do you, ever know whom to run to.

• Verse 2
Can’t you see, it’s so clear, you need to hold something dear.
What can you know about your life, you need to try and be alive.
So very dark, so very dead, I’m sorry my dear, get it through your head.
There’s more to life than dancing in the night.
Get up, get out and face the light.

• Chorus
Cease fire.
I’m still alive so why don’t you just…
Cease fire.
I’m already dead so you may as well just…
Cease fire.
I’m still alive so why don’t just…
Cease fire.
I’m already dead but I know you can never stop.

Cellophane Butterflies
• Verse 1
Cellophane butterflies
Cotton candy
Like a child, looking in your eyes
For the first time, was like, heaven

Turn the light on, turn the light on it’s cold inside
It’s hollow, it’s empty, it’s meaningless

• Verse 2
Standing on the edge of a great divide
You ask me to jump, but I can not take your leap of faith
I was a child who was left alone at birth
Taught to fend and taught to fight

• Verse 3
Take me on the carousel
Hold my hand by the wishing well
Kiss me underneath the moon
Please hold me forever

• Verse 4
Fly away my cellophane butterflies
I can not hold you in my grasp any longer

Last Chance
• Verse 1
Time is wasted, life is wasted.
This human sacrifice, it’s all out war.

• Verse 2
Blood is spilled on holy ground.
When will they ever learn.
If they choose to fight this war.
You will be the only one standing.
Drink your fill of blood and wine.
I know they will never learn.
When this war is left behind, I am left the only one standing.

• Chorus
This was your last chance.
One more chance to live.
This was your last chance.
One more chance to give.
All out war!

• Chorus 2
This was our last chance.
Now I’m forced to fight, forced to die.
This was our last chance.
Now I have to choose what’s wrong and what’s right.
This was our last chance.
My hands are covered in the blood of the young.
This was our last chance.
Too far gone to be undone.

This was the last chance.

The Game
• Verse 1
I’m trapped here lying in my bed.
I can not breathe these chains are so tight.
I’ll never escape until the end.
A prisoner of self screaming into the night.

• Verse 2
Did you pick her up when she fell down?
Did you hold her close enough?
Is that why she slit her wrists in the dead of night, without you?
Now she haunts your mind and your dreams and your, every thought.

• Chorus
No escape, no remorse, these voices have set me on my course.
No air to breathe, no light to see, these walls are closing in on me.
Once you play the game, you’ll never be the same.
When you turn to blame, you’ll feel not but shame.

• Verse 3
The knife is cutting through me, my life is flowing away.
The dark reaches out to heal me, as my mind is slipping away.

• Verse 4
Crucifixion is the name of the game and there’s no one left here but you to blame.
You didn’t hold her close enough.
You didn’t pick her up when she fell down and now she haunts your mind and your dreams and your every thought.