American was the first [U-D-R] song that was recorded.  There are 3 distinct versions of the song.

The first was written, and recorded using Meditor (a Mac .mod editor with a proprietary .mmf format).

Equipment used:

Casio ToneBank 670

Boss OS-2 Distortion Pedal (and a borrowed dynamic mic)

The second version was rewritten in Studio Vision Pro using general midi instruments on a Yamaha keyboard.  The midi files were moved into a professional home studio and replayed with a Roland JV-1080 and vocals were recorded with a condenser mic routed through a Sony HR-MP5? effects processor.  Which was the nicest setup that was used to record [U-D-R] until recently.

Equipment used

Roland JV-1080 (general midi mode)

Sony HR-MP5 (and a condenser mic)

The third version of the song was done in [U-D-R]’s early studio and included various movie samples, a wader array of instrumentation and percussion.

Equipment used:

Alesis QS6

Zoom 505 multi effects processor