Biofilter was the first [U-D-R] album.  It was self released in December of 1997 under Kremareit Productions.

Biofilter included a number of the original [U-D-R] demo songs that were remixed / remastered, as well as many new songs written during the latter half of 1997.  Several of the original demo songs were dropped in favor of newer songs for the final release.

[U-D-R] was mainly influenced by the european electro-industrial style at the time and used a lot of movie samples and heavy distortion on the vocals.

This album was largely an experiment in style and technique.

Equipment used:

Alesis QS6

Zoom 505 multi effects pedal

  • The Hideous <recycled>
  • American (Biofilter version)
  • Trilobyte
  • Hate
  • Dark Images
  • Mephisto
  • I do not feel this
  • Feel me
  • NZN
  • Wraith
  • Afflacenogem
  • Inside
  • Fortified Nation
  • Order of the Perpetual Railgun

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