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Upcoming performances:

Nothing to see here! I’ve been told a few times I need to get my butt back on stage, but I haven’t finalized anything.


[U-D-R] is an electro-industrial project from Tucson, Arizona, created by Anthony Finfrock.  A mix of in-your-face harsh industrial and upbeat synthpop.

Lead by frontman / songwriter Anthony Finfrock.  [U-D-R] has performed at various events and live shows.  What began as a one man act, became two on stage with the addition of M. Davis on keys.  The second live show saw the addition of G. Willard on guitars and culminated with 8 on stage (4x Vox, Cello, 2x Keys, Guitar & Bass) during the final Arizona show in 2000.

Several members have come and gone from the stage over the years.  [U-D-R] continues to be a unique and enjoyable experience.

Previous Live Shows:

The Runway – Tucson, AZ Feb 28th 2015 (Scar Eater & Alter Der Ruine)

The Skylark Cafe – Seattle, WA Jan 4th 2012 (with the Beta Test Collective)

The Double Zero – Tucson, AZ 2000 (The Last Dance)

The Bash on Ash – Phoenix, AZ 2000 (Velvet Acid Christ & Haujobb)

The Velvet Tea Garden – Tucson, AZ 2000 (Cyclotron)

The Rock – Tucson, AZ 1999 (In support of a Fetish Ball)

The Nile Theatre, Phoenix, AZ 1999 (Local goth / industrial mini festival)

The Killing Jar, Phoenix, AZ 1999 (The Strand & The Azoic)

The Fineline – Tucson, AZ 1999 (Hate Dept. & 29 Died)

The Fineline – Tucson, AZ 1998 (Hate Dept. & MCESP)