– Biofilter (1997) –

The Hideous
• Verse 1
Beat me down you can’t kill me
As long as you keep up your practice of atrocity• Verse 2
I am the martyr
I am the dark god
I am the hater
I am the goth/mod

Kill me to silence me
It’ll never work
Take a look at yourself
Reading from the book

• Verse 3
I have the shotgun
I will go make fun
I can’t do it now
I look for your pain

• Chorus
You will see my everything and you will see I’m dressed to kill
Close your eyes and just relax it’ll be all right again
Great men die in agony so why can’t we be side by side
Take me to the next dimension where we all live in fear and pain

• Verse 4
You will see my love
It is all for you
You can take this drug
It is your despair

Come with me
We’ll all bow down
To get ready for the

• Intro
You will know, I am here
You can run, you can hide
It wont help, I’ll find you
In the dark, that you fear

•Verse 1
I see your fear, your time has past
It was for not, you have been bought
To strong to live, to weak to die
To old to fly, to young to cry

• Chorus
I want to know
I want to care
I want to share
I want to be
All that you see

•Verse 2
They let you vote, then they decide
The mockery, you will believe
I want to see, all your glory
It’s all a dream, this American scheme

• Outro
I am free
Let me be
I can see

• Verse 1
Come into the inside where the limits are
Break in to the outside with you feeble mind
You will see the answers in a single star
Dütheomancy is where you hide

• Chorus
Melt your mind with the evil eye
Say to me what you feel inside
Speak to me or you will die
That is where intentions lie

• Verse 2
Crank up the volume with malicious intention
Morale Spector knows what’s gonna happen
What are limits the terrible inspection
Breaking rule straining for air and then

• Verse 3
Tear through the city and make them kneel
They will all pay for what they’ve done to you
Smash their souls with your evil ways
Dütheomancy is here to stay

• Verse 1
Anarchist punks are all the same
This world never owed them a favor
Breaking bones and rending flesh
Strip it away and feel the pain

• Verse 2
Take it away and they will say
Crime and drugs are all they care about
Daylight is an inch away
They all hide in my domain

• Chorus
Hate them, take them, break them, kill them
Beat their minds out on the ground
Standing alone in a world of whiners
Hating and breaking and killing and maiming

• Verse 3
They take what they want and run away
Why should we stop them they’re just kids
I don’t like this attitude
It’s not the one for you and me

• Verse 4
Obeying the law breaking the rule
It’s all the same so why should they care
They leave behind the ones that love them
Sobbing and crying as they go to jail

• Verse 5
No respect no worries
They don’t care why should they have to
I’ll take them down one by one
starting with him there in the corner

• Verse 6
Angst ridden bastards driven by hate
For everyone it’s time to take a stand
They don’t have and rights anymore
They lost the when they took from me

I do not feel this
• Verse 1
I love you my darling and you
will feel my touch through your cloak
You can take back what you took from me but
you will see it eternally

• Verse 2
I do not feel this
You can not take this
I can not feel this

• Chorus
I love you
God help me
I love you
Forever and always

• Chorus addendum
I love you
oh my darling
I love you

Feel Me
• Chorus
Feel Me!
Take my life and give me hope
Feel Me!
Oh god now what have I done

• Verse 1
In this world so full of shadows
take the data in your hand
In the lies you will discover
take this chance to be undone

• Verse 2
Voices in you head will tell you that
you are wrong so kill yourself
Fight the demons in your head and
call off all this genocide

• Verse 3
Feel this pain within your mind you
must fight back for a cure
Take examples form the dead so
watch your back and pull ahead

• Verse 4
Reach out with your mind and touch my
soul with your so unclean hand
I can see your face so clearly so
why can’t you understand

• Chorus
You will take a life
You will take a life
You will take a life
I can see it in your eyes

• Verse
Bastard I don’t know why
I should trust your stinking lies
Forward march, move ahead
you know where to put the dead
Come along, bring a gun
you can kill, everyone
What the hell you’re so sick
gotta know what makes you tick

• Verse 1
Find I see who are lost among the rounds
Dying butterfields make m’ nods a sound
Voodoo cockatoos backwards in the skies
Flying farther and under me shines

• Verse 2
Seventeen puppygods shine
Ripe n’ plump m’ will to dine
We find i there roastin’ the wine
You see me twistin’ a blackn’d sign

• Chorus
fire upon fire
why or why
shoot the sky
let us dine

• Verse 3
Seventeen puppygods we will dine
Roasted pine, fine to dine
Seventeen puppygods we will dine
Kill the flock of your mind

• Verse 4
Senseless killing all about, why do we fight
Then we shoot those, who are truly not our foe
All we need is a joining of our outer-lives, might!
Then here me, kill thyselves that owe

• Outro
One day passes, all become guild
Two day lie, one man builds
Three day moves, another man kills
Fourth day finds, the secret of the dogs…

Fortified Nation
• Verse
She knows it all, so wait for her

• Chorus
Fortified nation of industrialization
It’s a fortified nation of industrialization
It’s a fortified…
Fortified nation of industrialization

Order of the Perpetual Railgun
• Chorus
Open your eyes, you are alive
Order, perpetual, railgun
Oh no, don’t mess with us or we wont leave you alive