Hardware –

External Sound Modules / Synths –

Supernova 2 (rack)

Alesis QS6

Microphones –

Audio Technica 2050

Audix OM5

Controllers –

Axiom49 (new)

M-Audio Oxygen 25 – Handy for small spaces

M-Audio Keystation 49e – In a box somewhere…

Mixer / Interface / Monitoring –

Mackie Onyx 1220 w/firewire option – This poor thing finally died. It was loved and it will be missed. The Saffire Pro 40 currently works for all the midi/audio/routing I need, so I replaced the mixer with a Mackie Big Knob (Passive).

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

Mackie 824mk2 Monitors

Computer Systems –

Mac Mini i7 Quad Core (late 2012) – The current studio computer. It runs Mojave, has USB 3 and Firewire ports. Perfect little box for my semi-legacy needs.

MacPro (2006) – I still have this beast, but it lives in a box now.

MacBookPro (Mid 2010) – I mostly use this for DJ gigs. It’s still kicking.

External Processors – There if I need them…


Alesis QuadraVerb2

Zoom 1204

Aphex 104 – Aural Exciter Type C2 with Big Bottom

Recording –

Sony MDS-JB920 (still have the *old* mixdowns on MD)

Software –

Logic Pro – Primary DAW. I’ve been using this since version 1.0, so you could say I have a history (and maybe some bias).

Pro Tools – Pro Tools 12 and it’s lack of support for old plugins turned me off a bit.

Melodyne – Still the best “pitch correction” software out there.

reFX – Still using Nexus 2 and Vanguard, they’re fun toys.

Waves – I never paid to upgrade to 64bit. So these are still around, but collecting dust.



Destroy FX

Sound Radix

Meditor (started it all)