I really didn’t expect it to take me all day (and most of the night) to polish up the website a bit.  I guess it did take me a really long time to consolidate all my lyrics.

So the site is all pretty and fun finally.  I’m not sure if I like the way the discography, lyrics and such are set up.  I might try to make that a little more streamlined.  As it is now, there’s 3 different ways to look at stuff and it might be a little confusing with the menus.  Hopefully not though.

For those that might be wondering, this site overhaul is NOT what I had in mind for the [U-D-R] anniversary.  I have something more musical planned.  Though, it hasn’t gotten off the ground just yet, it may end up being a work in progress with something to show for it here and there as I go along.

I think I need sleep…

Rack mounts and round-a-bouts,