I promise.

Lots of things have been going on lately that have kept me out of the studio. Moving around, life changes, family members having medical emergencies, etc. For the last 4 years my studio has had a great setup, but wasn’t at my residence. At the end of the month I’ll be moving to the same location. So between playing handyman and working on the house / property, I’m going to finally get back in there fairly regularly. My first priority is still my Cut Zero side project, since its been sitting around waiting for me to do the vocals for ages. I may also futz around with Qualfach (angry noisy something or other) to get my chops back. Logic (my DAW) has updated from version 9 to 10.4 while I’ve been away and I’m anxious to play with all the new features.

So yeah, not dead, just on another extended hiatus. I know I keep saying this, but look forward to more soon.

Tryhards and sweaties,
-Anthony / Normal