So, I’ve got a live gig confirmed for the 28th of February in Tucson, AZ.

Here’s the Facebook link to the event:

In other news, I’ve spent a little more time than usual in the studio lately. I’ve been playing around with the new features in Logic 10.1 and reacquainting myself with older features I never used or forgot about. This doesn’t mean I’m going to pop out another studio album in the immediate future or anything, but it’s possible that I’ll make some new music before the end of the decade.

What about Cut-Zero? I decided to try and look for another vocalist again, rumor has it I know a person or two who might be interested. If nothing pans out, I’ll give those lyrics and vocals another go at some point. I have a lot of new ideas and I keep working outside my comfort zone, which is both encouraging and ominous.

What happened with Machine Martyr? I almost finished that song, it still needs a lot of work and I didn’t quite like the way it came out. I never did post the full version with the placeholder vocals, but I might at some point. I either want to re-work the song a bit more or leave it alone and write another in the same sort of angry vibe… but more angry.

Writing music for me has always been a lot of trial and error. Despite knowing a bit more about music theory these days (though I forgot most of what I learned a few years ago) and my mastering skills being better—but rusty—I tend to go through a lot of frustration before anything suddenly turns into a song. When it does, it’s not always something I want to share with the world, but I’ll try to open up a bit more if I have things done-ish, since I’m so quiet lately.

I think that’s all I have on my mind for now. I’ll post more details about the gig and any new music if anything pops up.