I started working on a few more tracks for Relics 2.  I’m still messing around with the instrumentation and continuing to realize that some of my old music doesn’t translate well off the QS6.


I’m actually shocked at how clean some of the Version 4 vocals were.  I know I started making more of an effort to record dry and effect later around that time (1999), I still didn’t have a great setup for doing vocal effects in post though.  During 1998, I wrote End of Entropy and developed a bad habit (which I’m still trying to shake) of making songs too complex.  Lots of layers seemed good on paper (in the DAW?), but in the end it’s a giant garbly mess.  See: Mephisto (endance) as a prime example in the first verse.

All of these songs need a lot of work and ultimately Relics 2 is going to be something I’m proud of.  For now though, I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on for the few fans that have been following me for the full duration of my songwriting endeavors.

Bear in mind, this is all something I’m doing for fun and my spare time.  The majority of my efforts are still focused on getting the Cut Zero album finished, which is coming along.